Lord have mercy… This morning stared out awesome and empowering with Bible Study at church! I left encouraged and strong to face the day. Took a pit stop at Beals on the way home that turned into a mommy disaster to really test how strong I am feeling.

I just needed to stop in and get some jeans, I am not the shop around type of girl, I like to be in and out so I just grabbed the kids and left the diaper bag in the car. Went in and found what I needed but decided I better try them on. So I have all the kids with me in a large family size fitting room and Alex decides to go number two. It’s pretty stinky so I’m like okay time to go! Gotta be fast now. I just have to grab some socks for Landon and some underwear for Marlie and we can go (I could see them from the fitting room so there was no searching). I’ll change Alex in the car, no biggie. I get to the check out line and I’m apologizing to the nice check out girl for the smell, she laughs and say’s “it happens”. No sooner did she say that then I look over and see Marlie staring at the back of the baby with a face of disgust. I’m thinking “no God please don’t let it be…” Before I could even finish my thought Marlie shouts, “OH MY GOODNESS, SO MUCH POOP!” -face palm- and the finished thought plays out “… a blow out diaper” yep, Alex apparently wasn’t finished at the dressing room. I mean to tell you, it was everywhere! I was so embarrassed and asked the check out girl if I could please help her clean it, in my head trying to figure out how thats possible when I don’t even have a baby wipe on me. She assured me not to worry about it, that she would take the cart in the back and that it wasn’t a big deal. God bless her really! I wish I would have gotten her name so I can call Beals and tell them how wonderful their employee is!

So we exit the store with Alex by the hand because I am not fixing to put his poopy body against mine to carry him out to the car. Where I proceeded to strip him down and clean him up for about 20 minutes all while threatening my older two that if they didn’t stop laughing at me I was gonna ground them indefinitely! Then we drove home with the windows down. Alex got a bath asap, and now he is down for a nap. And me… well I didn’t kill anyone so God’s grace is still with me and I guess that’s winning!

Hope you are ALL having a much better day than me

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Photographing, writing, entrepreneur, artist, lover of all things music ; Blessed home school mom of three military brats. Living my journey on the Gulf Coast.

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