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One thing that I have always aspired to do is start my own online boutique! For me as a stay at home mom, it is my dream WAH opportunity. I love fashion, and I could always use some side cash for my family of five! I have been blessed and very fortunate to be given that opportunity to start up my boutique through a company called abby+anna.

What is abby+anna?

abby+anna is a family owned company that values quality and comfort at a great price. It was birthed from the mind of a 10 year old girl named Abby, with help from her Mom, Dad and little sister Anna. She desired to start her own online clothing boutique. Abby especially wanted to sell cute, comfortable and quality leggings that she too, could wear! abby + anna’s boutique was launched out of the family’s home in Grand Rapids, MI! They have now moved production into a warehouse and offer their quality products across the country!

Today abby+anna have a large selection of cute printed leggings, as well as tunics, dresses, skirts and more. Sizes range from a toddler size 4 to women’s size 5X and in between! a+a also offers an exclusive jewelry line as well as other accessories.

We are most notable for our LEGGINGS, and we are often compared to other legging giants. The leggings that a+a sells are the same exact material and quality, as are the rest of the clothing items. See the comparison chart below:

So if it is your thing to support small businesses, and you are looking for some stylish clothes this season, at an unbeatable price (or to gift to a loved one), take a look at my abby+anna online boutique! You can shop directly on my site, no need to wait for a party or pop up boutique.

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