Happy Birthday Mom.

November 18th is my mom Charlene’s birthday. For those of you that may be new to my blog, my mom passed away in April 2018. This year would have been her 48th birthday with us. Though she is not with us to celebrate in person, I know she is with us in spirit, so in honoring her spirit I would like to celebrate in a special way.

Last year for her birthday I raised money for a cervical cancer foundation, since that is the cancer that took her life. This year I would like to do something that everyone can participate in regardless of finances. So for the entire month of November I would like to start the RAK4Char campaign, which stands for Random Acts of Kindness for Char.

My mom was a very caring person, with an empathic heart of kindness. Putting others first is what she did, sometimes even to a fault. If she could help, she did with no hesitation. My thought is that by committing random acts of kindness in her name, we can sort of keep her legacy alive. Almost like she is still here, helping people through us. So if you would like to participate in her birthday celebration this year, commit a random act of kindness in her name. Leave a note with the hashtag #RAK4Char for the person to find. My hope is that the hashtag will lead them to this blog post so they can learn of my mom and the campaign, and hopefully they may even participate, kind of like a pay it forward type of deal. Maybe even post a picture of it on social media tagging #RAK4Char so I can see it and share it to the rak4char Instagram page. Please go to the Instagram page and follow for updates.

This will be an awesome way to make people smile and keep my mom’s memory alive. Thanks in advance to everyone who will participate, and I can’t wait to see your posts. I know my mom will be smiling down on all of us.


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Photographing, writing, entrepreneur, artist, lover of all things music ; Blessed home school mom of three military brats. Living my journey on the Gulf Coast.

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