Hi! My name is Alyssa,

I was born in Detroit Michigan, where I grew up in a subdivision just outside the city. I left home when I was 17 to move to Florida, and there I married my high school sweetheart ten days after my 18th birthday! Shortly after we started a family. We now have three amazing children.

I am a stay at home mom, and I home school all three of my children. I survive my days on Jesus and coffee, in that order! In 2014 I graduated with honors from a veterinary medicine program. I love animals, in fact I have a small zoo in my home. Two dogs, three outside cats, and two turtles. However, after finishing my vet tech internship I decided not to pursue my career much further for now. It became heavy on my heart to home school my children after they were in public school for a couple years, and that meant for me to press pause on advancing my career for now. However that doesn’t stop me from the hustle. As a self proclaimed entrepreneur I am always on the hunt for what I can do with my kids at my side. I believe women can do it all if we want to.

I gained all my credentials to be a child care teacher, and worked part time at a Christian preschool as a Bible Teacher, and as the Ministry Assistant of the school. My children were able to come with me and attend the child care while I worked. I also volunteer in prison ministry at my local county jail when I can. In 2018 my mother passed away which put me in a new season of life. After that I left my job at the preschool and took some time off from my ministry work to focus on healing through the grieving process.

I am very creative minded and I thank God for creating me that way. Writing is therapeutic for me. I started blogging for fun, but really got into it when my mom got sick as a way to help me get out my feelings, and it has especially been helpful to me since she passed. I don’t really have a niche, even though I know it is strongly encouraged by most bloggers to find one, but until I find it I guess, I just love to write and share about my life in general. Like writing, art is also a great release for me. I love to paint on canvas, but recently I have found a passion for digital painting! I love to sing, and I am not bad at it. I have sang with my worship band at church, and I hope God will take that passion further one day.

I am very candid about my life and opinions, yet I try to remain open minded and respectful. I spend my days on the sunny Gulf Coast of Florida experiencing life with my favorite little people. Despite the hurdles, I would say that by any measure my life is good!

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